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Dependable Bulk Water Service in Frankford

The quality of water is depleting worldwide which has called for interventions by local public health departments across the world. At Clarke's Water Service, we source water from trusted municipal bodies and ensure that the water we provide is treated, well balanced and safe to use. With our diligence and high commitment to customer service, we pride ourselves in the excellent reputation that we built over the last thirty-five years by providing quality bulk water solutions in Frankford. We aim to deliver our services on a strict timeline and try our best to fit in with your schedule. Contact us today.

Our Specialty

We offer bulk water filling services for enclosures, including:



Having a private pool in your home is a great source of joy and relaxation with your friends and family. We provide cost-effective pool filling solutions by sourcing water from municipal water systems.


We have years of expertise in filling wells of varying dimensions with clean and transparent water. We have an exceptional fleet that is capable of transporting a generous quantity of water required for such projects.


Outsource the arduous job of refilling your water tanks to Clarke's Water Service. We’ll make sure that we are able to match your schedule and provide you with prompt and professional water delivery services.

Skating rinks

If you own a backyard rink for casual skating, you get to reap its benefits year after year. We offer hassle-free flooding of skating rinks so you can enjoy ice-skating with your loved ones without stepping out of your home.


It is always a good idea to hire a professional service to top up your cisterns. No matter what the size of your cistern is, we make the refill process easier and convenient.

Hot tubs

Do you know a dip in a hot tub is a scientifically proven way to loosen your stiff muscles and improve your mental wellbeing? Get the most out of your hot tubs in those winter months when you can get quick and on-demand refilling service with us.

Potable water delivery

Our services are not limited to filling enclosed spaces such as pools, tanks or cisterns but include delivery of potable water to households as and when they need us. We supply water for both planned and unplanned water outages.

Interested in our services? Call us to learn more.

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 You Choose, We Deliver

Whether you need your swimming pool or cistern topped up or wish to build a rink for your kids, we are happy to help.

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